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The JOBS area is where you Search your Database for respondents, set up and edit jobs, create sessions, and record participation once projects are completed.

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SEARCH DATABASE – The Search Database area is incredibly easy to use and allows you to quickly determine how many respondents your search criteria will produce. You can search on all your data points including standard fields, custom fields, text inputs, text notes, participation history, etc, etc. Our search database engine is capable of producing a count and generating a list of respondents at “Snap of finger” speed. img
CALL LIST SCHEDULER – This is the area of the system where the recruiters spend most of their time. It is extremely simple yet amazingly powerful. Once a list of respondents is posted to a job, the recruiter dials through the list displayed in this Call List Scheduler area. The header is enabled with drag and drop sorting and filtering to allow further refinement as recruiting is underway. A simple click on the plus (+) expands a menu allow quick access to respondent participation and additional respondent information of the respondent being called. Alternatively, clicking the respondents name will open a new window display the respondents full profile img
CREATE / EDIT JOB AREA – The Create New Job area is the section of Focus Pocus where we setup new projects as they arrive. From this menu we enter information about the study overall (General tab), client, incentive, and billing. There is also a correspondence section allow you to document any correspondences about the study with automatic time and user stamps. The study Session and Call Lists are also created from this menu (for more information on creating session please see the next screen shot). img
CREATE NEW SESSIONis the area of Focus Pocus where we create new sessions within jobs. You can quickly create individual focus group sessions, OLBB session, etc. Whether in person, online, in-home, or multi-methodology research projects. Our “create a copy” feature allows you for super speedy creation of sessions by preventing the need to re-enter information when session have similar details. img